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Sustainability begins in the forest

Increasing the number of certified forest owners and delivering training on more considerate felling are two of Moelven Skog’s priority areas. This makes us even more sustainable, from planting the tree until it is used as a construction material for your home.

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Digital solutions to save energy

Every year, Moelven’s production entities in Sweden are responsible for energy consumption corresponding to that of 22,600 detached homes. But what is all this energy used for?

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What is the tree used for?

At Moelven, we make a living from managing a renewable natural resource and we are committed to doing so in the best possible manner. By using the various parts of the tree for what they are best suited to and by using residual raw materials for the production of e.g. pellets and biofuels, we can fully utilise the resources of the forest.

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What we have learned from the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for our employees in 2020. But it has also created team spirit and new ways of working. These are some of our experiences.

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Sustainability throughout the value chain

Sustainability is one of Moelven’s core values, but what does it mean for our suppliers, employees and customers?

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Photo: Natalie Greppi

3D-printed chair in biocomposite

You can do a lot with sawdust from Moelven Notnäs. A 3D-printed chair in biocomposite - true symbol of the future. Malin’s chair is 100 per cent recyclable and has attracted widespread attention from several quarters, including a spot at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2020.

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Photo: Paper Province

3D-printed kayaks in biocomposite

Pelle Stafshede decided to move away from traditional development methods and turn his attention to additive production using biocomposite instead.

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Operations manager Petter Fjeld Bjerke

A sorting ratio of 95 per cent for waste

One of the best in class at Moelven when it comes to waste sorting is Moelven Mjøsbruket AS. “The key is making it as easy as possible for employees,” says operations manager at Moelven Mjøsbruket, Petter Fjeld Bjerke.

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Chair and kayak made from biocomposite

New life for sawdust from Moelven

Supporting innovation and identifying new ways to utilise by-products are two areas that Moelven is more than happy to contribute towards. The Wood Region is a project that makes this possible.

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Certifications_People and nature

What does it mean for me that the products I buy are certified?

It means that you have bought products for which we are able to document that the raw materials originate from sustainable forestry, that the production process adheres to all industry standards and that you can be confident that the products will be of the quality we promise.

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