You can do a lot with sawdust from Moelven Notnäs. A 3D-printed chair in biocomposite - true symbol of the future. Malin’s chair is 100 per cent recyclable and has attracted widespread attention from several quarters, including a spot at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2020.

But for Malin, it is about more than simply being a beautiful chair.

It became a chair that would show what is possible. I consider it the starting point for a new and more sustainable way to design and produce furniture

Malin Fleen

Moelven and sustainability

Our goals are strongly linked to the UN's sustainability goals. This case is linked to climate-smart products and services and sustainability goal # 13: Stop climate change.

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New opportunities and sustainability

Producing furniture using 3D technology not only gave Malin  the opportunity to test new shapes - it also meant an opportunity to combine materials in a new way.

“It seemed unnecessary to replicate something that is already built traditionally. For me, it is about attempting to optimise the possibilities of the new technology. 3D technology also allows for softer shapes that can be difficult to achieve by hand. With this technology, I can also use less materials, as the combination of the materials together is so strong,” Malin says.

Supporting innovation and identifying new ways to utilise by-products are two areas that Moelven is more than happy to contribute towards.

The Wood Region is part of the Bioinno project, which aims to promote entrepreneurship within the forestry bioeconomy in Värmland and Dalarna. The testing and development facilities in Sysselbäck are a key resource for Bioinno. Innovators can use the test environment to produce large-scale prototypes using biocomposite 3D-printers.