Moelven is a leading manufacturer and supplier of complete, flexible interior partition systems and ceilings, tailored to customer requirements. In Norway, we go by the name of Moelven Modus AS.

We offer delivery of the entire value chain from consultancy and product development to installation of complete and finished interior fittings, as well as maintenance services throughout the building’s life span.

Complete solutions and an industrial process

Our service chain covers everything from needs analysis and consultancy, project management and installation to ready-made premises and facilities management. Our interior system is produced in an industrial construction process.

Better quality and better value for money

The method we use makes it easy to use ready-mountable and moveable interior partition systems to build new workplaces and to convert workplaces as and when needs change. System walls make for a cleaner, tidier appearance, high quality and better value for money in the long run for the property owner compared to an office constructed in-situ.

A simple principle for a great deal of freedom

The method is based on a simple principle: all the system partitions are mounted between ready-made surface layers, from floor to ceiling, and with ready-painted exterior walls. The property owner or tenants can start with completely empty premises and fit partitions exactly as they want, and there is plenty of scope for variations. Moelven Modus AS have the capacity, if needed, to engage large-scale resources for manufacturing and installation, without compromising on precision and effectiveness.