Our range of products and services is wide-ranging and makes us one of the leading players in the industry. Our raw materials are sustainable spruce and pine, which we both sell for further processing in other industries, and use in our own products. We manufacture everything you need in terms of wood for your home, lumber for industry, glulam, building modules, flexible office solutions, chips and bioenergy.

We have 37 production companies across 46 production locations in Norway and Sweden. We also have sales offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. We have 3,500 employees who work hard every day to give you good spaces.

A group rich in tradition with innovative products

Moelven is a business that for more than 100 years has supplied socially beneficial and sustainable products and services. Moelven wants, in partnership with its customers, to use opportunities to drive forth both small and large innovations. Among other things, we see that requirements to processing levels are increasing, and we can contribute to industrialize, rationalize and develop the building process. We want to be a reliable player that customers and suppliers trust.

  • We are currently building 150 metre tall glulam towers

    Moelven Töreboda is currently taking part in an innovation project where the goal is to develop a concept for 150 metre tall glulam towers for windpower.

    See more about the innovation project here
  • The world’s tallest wooden building

    Moelven Limtre is helping build the world’s tallest wooden building using climate-smart glulam. This is setting a new standard for tall wooden buildings.

    Mjøstårnet is the world’s tallest timber building

120 years as timber processing group

  • Moelven’s history

    Moelven has evolved from having one factory in Moelv producing wagon wheels dipped in boiling oil, to an international timber processing group. Here you can see how this came about.

    See Moelven’s history here

Provide opportunities to people with a drive to succeed

Moelven should be a workplace that is secure and good, but also interesting. At Moelven we not only develop products and services – we also provide opportunities for individuals who want to develop. Would you like to see career opportunities at Moelven?

Here you can see vacant positions at Moelven (Norwegian site)


Our values