For more than 100 years, Moelven has been supplied socially beneficial and sustainable products and services. In partnership with our customers, we want to use the opportunities to drive forth both small and large innovations. We want to be a reliable player that customers and suppliers trust. With sustainable spruce and pine as raw materials, our wide-ranging product and service range makes us one of the leading players in the industry.

We sell raw materials further for processing in other industries and use it in our own products where we manufacture everything you need in terms of wood for your home, lumber for industry, glulam, building modules, flexible office solutions, chips and bioenergy.

Moelven has evolved from having one factory in Moelv producing wagon wheels dipped in boiling oil, to an international timber processing group. Here you can see how this came about.

The future is built with wood

Sustainability is crucial to our competitiveness. Therefore, we have set ambitious and concrete sustainability goals within four main areas. For one thing we can state for years to come: We will contribute to a sustainable future in wood.

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Our values


Moelven has respect for people and the environment. We base our business on renewable resources and have sustained and long-term our competitive edge. There is a strong will to take responsibility for our surroundings. 


Moelven is to trust. We deliver at the agreed time with the right quality. There is a strong focus on openness and honesty. Admitting weaknesses and mistakes is the basis for progress and credibility. 

Uses the possibilities 

Moelven seeks solutions. The Group has the capabilities and resources to be leading in product development and innovation. We have always been a company at the forefront and use the opportunities that shifting times provide. 

Our products and services

  • Products and services


    Glulam is a completely eco-friendly material, and laminated timber beams can be used for everything from large industrial buildings to single family homes. Glulam offers wide freedom of architectural design.

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  • Products and services

    Inetrior systems

    Moelven is a leading manufacturer and supplier of complete, flexible interior partition systems and ceilings, tailored to customer requirements.

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  • Products and services

    Flooring, panels and mouldings

    Moelven is a leading manufacturer of interior products for the building merchants in Scandinavia.

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