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"Greater uncertainty than ever"

In a demanding and hesitant market, Moelven reported a satisfactory result in the third quarter, but margins have been significantly reduced.

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“Facing tougher times”

In a difficult market situation, Moelven has delivered a good half-year result, but margins are under increasing pressure.

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“Strong results in a time of great uncertainty”

Moelven had a strong first quarter, but uncertainty remains.

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Truck carrying Moelven-products

A year of huge fluctuations

2022 was the second best year in Moelven's history, but it will still be remembered as being a challenging year. "The first half of the year was characterised by the boom we had been experiencing since 2020, but then things suddenly changed during the autumn. Now our everyday operations are being governed by a completely different situation," says CEO Morten Kristiansen of Moelven.

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Wooden planks from Moelven

– Challenging times ahead

Moelven delivers a good third quarter, but warns that the time ahead will be challenging. “The market has changed, electricity costs are rising and times are uncertain,” says CEO Morten Kristiansen of Moelven.

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Production of wooden products, Moelven

“Strong results, but uncertain times ahead”

Moelven is posting its best ever second quarter results, but is gearing up for a more challenging future. "The next six months will be impacted by considerable uncertainty and variations in demand. Going forward we envisage that our everyday operations will be more like those that we experienced before the pandemic," says CEO Morten Kristiansen of Moelven Industrier ASA.

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Moelven products

Strong demand for Moelven's products

The international market situation for wood products is contributing to a strong start for Moelven in 2022.

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Image of Morten Kristiansen.

Thanks employees for Moelven's strongest result 

"The way that our employees have tackled the strong demand has been crucial for us being able to deliver as well as we have done," says Morten Kristiansen, CEO of Moelven Industrier ASA. 

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Continued strong international demand

The strong international demand for wood products continues to drive revenue growth for the timber industry. “The global market can’t get enough of wood products now, and this continues to characterise demand. At the same time we are seeing more normal seasonal developments on the domestic market,” says CEO Morten Kristiansen of Moelven Industrier ASA.

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Moelven’s new image is on the way

The Moelven Group will launch its new brand on the 18th of October. “It will help us to be prepared and equipped for the future”, says Morten Kristiansen, CEO of Moelven Industrier ASA.

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