The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for our employees in 2020. But it has also created team spirit and new ways of working. These are some of our experiences.


Effective meetings

“I went from meeting customers face to face several times a week to meeting them digitally only. Of course, we miss being in the same room, but the new way of working does also have its own advantages. I get more done now that I do not have to spend time travelling. I look forward to being able to meet customers again when the world reopens, but we will probably keep several of the digital meetings too.”

Sanna Hjelm
Key Account Manager, Moelven Wood AB


300 forest owners attended a webinar

“It is important to us that we are available to forest owners. During the pandemic, we therefore had to have a rethink - with great success. When we held our first webinar, we had nearly 300 forest owners attend, which is around twice as many participants as we usually get for our physical gatherings. The feedback has been extremely positive and, going forward, we intend to run a combination of webinars and physical meetings.”

Jonas Karlsson
Head of Field Purchasing, Moelven Skog

Webinar Moelven Skog.png

Head of Field Purchasing Jonas Karlsson and Moelven Skog CEO Björn Johansson arranged a webinar for around 300 forest owners.


Great team spirit

“When Scandinavia went into lockdown, we split the factory into 20 different bubbles of between 3 and 13 employees each. The fact that employees had to spend so much time together with the other members of their team has resulted in extremely positive team spirit and collaboration. They have been great at following the guidelines for preventing infection and, on average, we have actually experienced a decrease in absence due to illness during the pandemic.”

Tommy Grande
Production Manager, Moelven Byggmodul AS


Digital Group Gathering

“Once a year, we bring Moelven’s leaders together - across business areas and national borders. This was not possible in 2020, but we still wanted our leaders to be able to share their knowledge and experience with one another. The solution was a digital gathering with more than 100 participants. Firstly, we produced a talk show that was broadcast directly to all employees of the Group and then the leaders got together in digital teams, where they had the opportunity to discuss between themselves. In short, this was a great success, we learned a lot and we are now ready to use new digital venues.”

Magne Vikøren
Chief Communications Officer

Konsernsamling 2020.jpg

Group CEO Morten Kristiansen, host Ida Langdalen Kristiansen and Chairman Olav Fjell in the talkshow studio.


Huge leaps within digitalisation

“Overnight, both the world and the working day changed significantly for most of us, but that did not prevent Moelven from achieving one of its best annual results of all time. We have made huge leaps within digitalisation and the IT department has noticed a tremendous increase in the demand for and use of digital aids this year. I think the pandemic has created lasting change to the way we will work
in the future.”

Even Rognan Lutnæs
IT Director


Moelven and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

To ensure that our work on sustainability has clear direction and a global perspective, we have chosen to connect our four main areas to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The article you’re now reading is linked to “People in focus” and sustainability goal #3 Good health and well-being and #4 Quality education.

Read more about what the different goals mean to us here