Climate-smart energy solutions should of course be built in a climate-friendly material. Moelven Töreboda is now participating in an innovation project, where the goal is to develop a concept for 150 meter high wind turbines with glulam.

Wind turbines are generally more cost-effective, the larger the towers are being built. The problem is that for a tower over 100 meters, you need a larger base diameter than what can be transported on a normal road. Conventional steel towers partly in cylindrical transport units. In order to have small base diameters on the high tower, large amounts of steel are required, which makes it very costly to produce and transport when height increases.

Now, the Swedish innovation company Modvion, in collaboration with Moelven Töreboda, is developing a solution to this dilemma. Modular towers that can be built with glulam will significantly lower costs and emissions to the environment.

– With modules, the towers can be stacked into each other, which means that they take significantly less space, thus making it much easier and cheaper to transport. The material selection means that we expect to construct a 150 meter high tower with to 30-40 percent lower costs compared to steel, says Otto Lundman at Modvion.

Sketch for 150 meters high wind power tower with glulam

Sustainable in every way

Wind turbines in glulam are not only cheaper and easier to produce and transport, and therefore more economically sustainable, but they also have a better social profile.

 – Of course, we will build climate-smart energy solutions in a climate-friendly material like glulam. But wind turbines in glulam also have a greater legitimacy among people who live and work nearby forest and agricultural landscapes they are most often placed, he says.

By 2020, the first prototype must be ready

Now the work is being done to build the prototype at Moelven Töreboda's factory, and by 2020 the first full-scale wind power tower in glulam will be ready.

– For us it is fun and evolving to work so close with Moelven Töreboda. It is not only the oldest glulam factory in Sweden, but it is also a very innovative company, not least when it comes to tall timber constructions, says Otto Lundman.

The project is supported by the Energy Agency in Sweden and in a press release, the authorities say Andreas Stubelius:

–New innovations will be a key in the transition to a sustainable energy system in Sweden and Europe. Today's tower technology in steel and concrete is cost- and energy-intensive in production, logistics and dismantling. Modvion has an exciting innovation that can positively affect the global energy system.