Episode 1

World’s tallest timber building, Mjøstårnet, is world-class engineering

 Episode 2

Sustainability, competence and the use of local spruce have been key factors of constructing the world's tallest timber building.
"Mjøstårnet" is an exciting example of a project where we together find new solutions to old questions.


Episode 3 

Mjøstårnet will be the world's tallest timber building. But what if a fire breaks out? “The fire safety measures that have been implemented in Mjøstårnet make the timber building far safer than a corresponding building with a traditional steel and concrete structure. Mjøstårnet is one of the safest buildings along lake Mjøsa, and can withstand even an extensive fire,” says Even Andersen. He’s is a fire consultant with Sweco Norge AS, the company responsible for fire safety in the building.


Episode 4

The world’s tallest timber building is groundbreaking for more than just its height. When Mjøstårnet was to be built, Moelven employed a completely new and untested assembly technique.


Episode 5

Constructing tall buildings in timber has great environmental benefits. "Using timber in the load-bearing structures can reduce emissions from material production by up to 85 percent," says environmental advisor and architect Bård S. Solem.



VIDEO: Meet the employees from Moelven Limtre working with project Mjøstårnet here.