By safeguarding natural resources, as well as focusing on people, local values ​​and climate-smart products and services, Moelven will continue to build a sustainable future in wood. Our overall goal is for both the company and our products to be climate-positive. This is our contribution to achieving the UN's sustainability goals.

How does Moelven define sustainability?

What we define as sustainable development is a development that meets today's needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. For example, this may mean that we do not chop more trees than we plant, so that future generations' ability to build with wood is as good as ours.


Based on the UN's sustainability goals

The starting point for the entire Moelven's sustainability work is the UN's sustainability goal. To ensure that our internal goals contribute to a sustainable future in a global perspective, we have chosen to focus on the five goals in which we have the greatest impact. This is life on land, stopping climate change, good health, good education and decent work and economic growth.

We have chosen to place those five sustainability goals within four main areas: safeguarding natural resources, people in focus, local values ​​and climate-smart products and services.

Moelvens sustainability goals

By reporting on specific sustainability goals, we ensure that customers are confident that they will receive sustainable products when choosing Moelven.

Global Reporting Initiative

The basis for our choice of focus areas is analyzes conducted in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative's guidelines. The main priority areas are selected on the basis of what is essential to the long-term value creation and how we influence and are influenced by our stakeholders.

It includes an assessment of environmental and social impact through the value chain, market changes, as well as stakeholder expectations now and in the future. It is also considered where Moelven, as a group, has the greatest possible impact.


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