This is the clear call made in an editorial in the international news magazine, The Economist. It has taken a closer look at Mjøstårnet and the global construction industry.

The world’s tallest wooden tower in Brumunddal is gaining a lot of international attention. The Economist, with its almost two million readers, is the latest in a series of publications looking at the potential for making construction greener by using more wood.

“Governments can help nudge the industry to use more wood, particularly in the public sector – the construction industry's biggest client,” writes The Economist in the editorial.


Mjøstårnet is just one example

In addition to the editorial, the magazine carries a two-page feature in which Mjøstårnet is mentioned as an innovative example of a sustainable building in an industry responsible for huge emissions.

The article discusses various political measures aimed at reducing climate footprints. Higher taxes and duties, incentives, stricter rules and “zero carbon” standards are discussed. Mjøstårnet, with its 85.4 metres spanning 18 floors, is highlighted as an example of what can be achieved using wood for the superstructure of tall buildings.

“This is the future of construction. We may have world’s tallest wooden tower, but we hope not to hold the record for long,” says project manager Harald Liven of Moelven Limtre to the magazine.