On 24 April, the corporate assembly of Moelven elected a new Board, with only a few, minor changes. Grethe Sønsteby was elected to replace Elisabeth Bjøre.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Moelven Industrier ASA now consists of the following members:

Sverre Leiro - 65 years, chair
Position: President of the Federation of Norwegian Enterprises. Various other directorships

Elisabeth Krokeide - 49 years 
Position: Project Director at Eidsiva Vekst AS

Egil Magnar Stubsjøen - 58 years
Position: Finance Manager at Nord-Østerdal Kraftlag SA

Grete Sønsteby – 51 years (new)
Position: Entrepreneur / business developer

Terje Johansen - 53 years
Position: Deputy Managing Director of Felleskjøpet Agri SA

Per Simon Slettebø - 60 years
Position: Managing Director of AT-Skog BA

Heidi Ekrem - 43 years 
Position: Lawyer and partner at the law firm Advokatfirmaet Mageli ANS

Employee representatives (elected spring 2011 for two years):

Gunde Haglund - 60 years, Moelven Notnäs AB
Martin Fauchald - 50 years, Moelven Limtre AS
Iver Melby – 57 years, regularly meeting deputy, Moelven Mjøsbruket AS

Lars Håkan Karlsson – 57 years, Moelven Ransbysågen AB

Corporate assembly

The Annual General Meeting of Moelven Industrier ASA elected a new corporate assembly. Here too there were only minor changes. Marit Astrup was elected as a new deputy, replacing Børre Rogstadkjærnet.

The corporate assembly of Moelven Industrier ASA now consists of the following members:

Even Mengshoel - Mjøsen Skog BA

Deputy: Marit Lindstad

Olav A. Veum - AT Skog BA

Deputy: Knut Aas

Rolf Th Holm – Havass Skog BA

Deputy: Thorvald Grini

Mikael Løken - Glommen Skog BA

Deputy: Marit Astrup (new)

Gudbrand Gulsvik - Viken skog BA

Deputy: Helge Evju

Maren Kyllingstad - Eidsiva Energi AS

Deputy: Anne Nysæter Sagstuen

Thor Svegården - Eidsiva Vekst AS

Deputy: Ola Syverinsen

John Arne Ulvan – Felleskjøpet Agri

Deputy: Jan Kollsgård

Employee representatives on the corporate assembly:

Ann-Christine Löfborg - Moelven Töreboda AB

Deputy: Ove Gunnarsson - Moelven Valåsen AB

 Rolf Ellevold - Moelven Østerdalsbruket AS

Deputy: Trond Sønes - Moelven ByggModul AS

Lennart Perez - Moelven ByggModul AB Kil

Deputy: Jörgen Weman - Moelven Valåsen Wood AB

Leif Bjarne Undem - Moelven Nordia AS

Deputy: Jon-Inge Lorentsen, Moelven Nordia AS

Possible stock exchange introduction

The Annual General Meeting of Moelven passed a number of resolutions taking care of the formalities necessary for a future stock exchange listing.

"These resolutions mean that if the owners decide they would like to list Moelven on the stock exchange, this will now be possible, although there are no such concrete plans at present," says Hans Rindal, CEO of Moelven.