Where and why is it important?

Moelven is a major employer with 3,399 employees, and it is important that each employee has a workplace where they are happy and have an opportunity to develop. This is of course important for the individual employee, but it is also important for Moelven, since there is a clear correlation between employee satisfaction and Moelven’s results. 

Moelven also relies on being an attractive workplace for the talented employees of tomorrow. This is critical in ensuring long-term value creation in an industry undergoing constant change due to streamlining, product development and innovation in manufacturing processes, new products and solutions, and, not least, new climate-smart areas of use for wood.


Moelven provides opportunities for those who want them!

Moelven’s personnel concept


A platform for leadership and employee participation

A platform for leadership and employee participation in Moelven was developed during 2019. This is our active leadership and active employee participation platform. Given our decentralised organisation, it is important to develop Moelven’s culture through our managers and employees. This was rolled out to all employees throughout Moelven in 2020 and new systems for following up both leadership and employee participation were implemented during the year.

Recruit development-oriented, young people

Moelven participates in two regional trainee programmes in order to ensure it can recruit recent graduates: “Higher Ambition”, in Värmland in Sweden, and “Trainee Innlandet”, with its catchment area in Norway’s Interior Region. These programmes recruit candidates with master’s degrees and trainees often have administrative duties. Moelven also has a trainee programme that recruits candidates with qualifications from university college (bachelor’s degree) or tertiary vocational education. 

It is also important to recruit good, development-oriented, young people as operators. More units in Norway are using the apprentice scheme. This upper secondary school model, in which young people spend a year or two (in some cases three) at school before their training continues for two-three years in a company, provides us with fantastically capable and versatile employees after they pass their craft certificate. 

Moelven and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

To ensure that our work on sustainability has clear direction and a global perspective, we have chosen to connect our four main areas to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The article you’re now reading is linked to “Local values” and sustainability goal #8 Decent work and economic growth.

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