ThermoWood products have undergone a special but environmentally friendly heat treatment process. The process gives the wood a number of new properties, such as transverse stability, with less cracking and splintering, in addition, the exterior products quickly get a great silver-grey patina.

Thanks to the treatment and environmental profile of the wood, the product is a very good alternative to tropical wood varieties and impregnated timber. ThermoWood can be used for decking, cladding and external wooden ceilings. Moelven recommends using acid resistant screws for the installation of ThermoWood. On the interior side, ThermoWood can be used for bathrooms and saunas, as well as for interior flooring.

Heat treatment involves modifying wood materials at a high temperature (185 to 215 ÂșC). For external products, a minimum of 215 degrees is always used, while lower temperatures are used for internal products.  The process is based on a combination of temperature and water vapour, and is completely chemical-free. Through heat treatment, the decay and weather resistance is improved, and the dimensional stability increases. The high temperature removes the resin from the wood.

ThermoWood has a wide range of applications

Moelven supplies ThermoPine and ThermoAsh for external cladding and decking. ThermoPine has a more chestnut brown colour and some natural knots. ThermoAsh has a dark brown, almost black colour and is completely knot-free. Both options go silver-grey if they are not treated. 

Furthermore, some types of wood such as ThermoAsh, ThermoAspen or ThermoAlder can also used in wet rooms such as bathrooms or saunas. ThermoAsh is also available as a solid wooden floor.