Every single log is used where it is best suited, resulting in less waste. This is the goal of Moelven Våler AS in Braskereidfoss when the sawmill becomes the first in Norway with X-ray sorting of timber.

X-ray technology will create great advantages for the sawmill in Braskereidfoss.

“We make a living from managing renewable resources, and this technology allows us to use the logs in an optimal way. We gain insight into which quality the wood has, and can saw the log to exploit it in the best possible manner,” says Director Knut Berg at Moelven Våler.

More sustainable

Besides the purely operational advantages of new timber sorting, it also gives the sawmill a big stride in a more sustainable direction.

“This investment allows us to use more of every log. There’s less waste, and that’s sustainability in practice,” Berg says.


The board of Moelven Industrier is investing NOK 58 million in the project, which is also supported by Innovation Norway. Norwegian Wood Cluster is also involved in the project.

“Here Moelven clearly demonstrates that they are paving the way in modernizing and developing the industry with specific solutions. This project has an important environmental aspect, while also strengthening value creation from Norwegian renewable resources,” says consultant Per Ottar Walderhaug from Innovation Norway.

Ready in December

The new timber sorting plant will be ready in December 2018, and will then replace the current facility which is 45 years old. New timber sorting will include a 3D frame and X-ray frame for measuring and assessing timber.

“By X-raying the logs, we obtain information on twig properties, twig distance, what the heartwood is like and the distance between the growth rings. This improves the sorting of the timber, and allows us to saw just the quality and length the customer wants,” Knut Berg explains.

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