In 2024, Moelven celebrates its 125th anniversary. Our history connects the past, present, and future in a way that engages us.

We feel pride in what has brought us here and a strong motivation to face what lies ahead. Here, you can get to know Moelven a little better—from where it all started to where we are today. A 125-year-old company that stands firm, even when the winds blow through the treetops. 


Anton Fjelstad: a visionary founder 

One of our founders, Anton Fjelstad, aptly expressed it: “It’s not certain that those of us embarking on this journey will gain much benefit from it—but perhaps it can be of value to many in the future.” And you know what? He was right. This has become the very foundation of Moelven’s development over the years. 

From oil-boiled cartwheels to an international wood mechanical conglomerate 

125 years ago, Moelven was a modest facility in Moelv, where oil-boiled cartwheels were produced. We have grown into an international wood mechanical conglomerate that sets the industry standard. This journey demonstrates a genuine passion for wood. 

From 1899 to today: we see opportunities 

Since 1899, Moelven has seen opportunities, created new ideas, and built climate-smart solutions that make tomorrow better. That’s what we’ll continue to do.  

Opportunities grow on trees—we grow with opportunities! 

The future is built with wood

Sustainability is crucial to our competitiveness. Therefore, we have set ambitious and concrete sustainability goals within four main areas. For one thing we can state for years to come: We will contribute to a sustainable future in wood.

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