CE marked construction products require certified product control. Guaranteeing that UE specific regulations are met.

Treteknisk (The Norwegian Institute of Wood technology), and SP Trätek, the Swedish equivalent, are the certification bodies in Norway and Sweden respectively. Yearly controlling audits are mandatory for the producers, ensuring neutral supervision.

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SINTEF Certification shall safeguard quality, values and the environment. SINTEF certify and approve products, materials and techniques according to national and international rules and regulations, founded on research-based knowledge and first-rate national laboratories

Product documentation issued by SINTEF Certification verifies that the product satisfies the functional requirements of the Technical Regulation in The Planning and Building Act. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure has been appointed as Norwegian approval body as well as a notified body for certification.
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An EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. Both the underlying LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) and the EPD are always based upon international standards.

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Document from the manufacturer describing the properties and intended use of a construction product.