Modernisation, capacity increase and innovation - several major investment projects are taking place at Moelven Valåsen AB's industrial sites, including a new small timber line, a kiln, a dryer and a new pellet factory.

In addition, investments have been made to secure the industry's own energy supply through a brand new energy center, which will be put into operation along with the pellet factory.

Through these investments, we are creating a safer, faster, and more precise high-tech production. Once the investments are operational, plans are to increase the production of sawn timber from approximately 350,000 m³ to 500,000 m³ by 2026.


The project is implemented in co-operation with:

Small log line: 
Nordautomation, VK, Remasawco, Hewsaw, Bruks, Renholmen, T3, ABB

Almab, KBA, Remasawco

Valutec, T3, AKJ

Pellets factory:
NCC, AKJ, Hekotek, Muhlböck, Infrakraft, PSM (projektledning)

Time line