The Timber division supplying industrial timber, components and chip products made from local spruce and pine. Moelven Timber consists of production companies and sales offices.

Our customers

The customers are mainly industrial companies that buy intermediate products for their own production of construction timber, glulam, panels, flooring, mouldings, windows, packaging, board & paper products as well as bioenergy.


Salesforce in many countries

About half of the production is sold in Scandinavia, while the UK,  the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and North Africa and the Middle East constitute important export markets.

About 30 per cent of the wooden load is also sold to other companies within the Group for further processing.


Local commodity

The timber that sawmills use in production, are derived primarily from the forests in the surrounding areas.

Moelven's factories are, with a few exceptions, located in the middle of Sweden and south-east in Norway. The fiber is characterized by slow growth and strong quality.