Moelven's sustainability work is prioritized according to the kind of significance it has for both the outside world and ourselves, as well as emphasizing where we can make the biggest difference.

Most of our business is based on a naturally renewable raw material, which is also nature's own solution for carbon capture and storage, namely wood.

The most important point in our sustainability strategy is therefore to work to refine the raw material with as little climate footprint as possible, and to work to ensure that as large a proportion as possible of our finished goods becomes part of lasting buildings and constructions so that they can continue to sequester carbon as long as possible.

Together we make the difference

We are Moelven, you make the difference! This is how our personnel concept reads. It is particularly apt when we talk about sustainability.

Global Reporting Initiative

The basis for our selection of investment areas is analyzes based on the Global Reporting Initiative's guidelines. The main investment areas have been chosen on the basis of what is essential for long-term value creation, as well as how we influence and are influenced by our stakeholders.

It includes an assessment of the environmental and social impact through the value chain, market changes, as well as stakeholder expectations now and in the future. It is also considered where Moelven as a company has the greatest positive and negative impact on the outside world, while also highlighting the areas where we have the greatest possible impact.


How does Moelven define sustainability?

What we define as sustainable development is development that meets today's needs without jeopardizing future generations' opportunities to satisfy their needs. This could mean, for example, that we do not cut down more trees than we plant, so that future generations' ability to build with wood is as good as ours.

Based on the UN's sustainability goals

The starting point for all of Moelven's sustainability work is the UN's sustainability goals. To ensure that our internal goals contribute to a sustainable future in a global perspective, we have chosen to focus on the five goals that we believe have the greatest effect. It is life on land, stopping climate change, good health, good education and decent work and economic growth.

  • "Ensure good health and promote quality of life for everyone, regardless of age."

    #3 Good health

    Moelven is responsible for contributing to safety and security for everyone affected by the group's operations and products. It must be safe to work in Moelven, our goal is that no one should get sick or injure themselves as a result of the work they perform. The same applies to those who use our products and services, all the way from builders and professional craftsmen to the end users, who are often private individuals.

  • "Ensure inclusive, fair and good education and promote opportunities for lifelong learning for all."

    #4 Good education

    Training and education are important globally to create a sustainable future, but also to ensure equality and to fight poverty, discrimination and social dumping. For the Moelven group, it is also necessary to ensure future access to expertise and human resources necessary for to create a sustainable further development of the business.

  • "Promote lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work for all."

    #8 Decent work and economic growth

    The number of people living in extreme poverty has been reduced over the past 20-30 years, but the problem has not been eliminated. Poverty is a significant obstacle to sustainable development and combating climate challenges. The nations of the world contribute to the fight against poverty with a share of their gross national product, which in turn is the sum of the value creation that takes place at unit level in the individual countries.

  • "Act immediately to combat climate change and its consequences."

    #13 Stop climate change

    By producing climate-smart products based on a natural, renewable raw material and by contributing to renewable bioenergy production, Moelven is helping to combat climate change. Used as materials in durable constructions, our products act as a natural carbon store, while the residual raw material from production is included in the natural carbon cycle, which does not add new carbon to the atmosphere.

  • "Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of ecosystems, ensure sustainable forest management..."

    #15 Life on land

    As a customer of the forestry industry, Moelven has a responsibility to promote sustainable forestry. By being a driving force behind this, we contribute to increasing the forest's uptake of carbon from the atmosphere. We do this through the forest management services we offer, through communication with forest owners, and by making demands on our suppliers according to certification schemes such as PEFCTM and FSC®

Our four focus areas:

1. Climate-smart products and services

In order for Moelven and the materials we produce to be climate positive, we continuously work to reduce CO2 emissions, make energy use more efficient in production and optimize the use of raw materials. The higher the proportion of our production that becomes products that are part of sustainable buildings and constructions, the more CO2 we help to keep away from the atmosphere.

2. Safeguarding natural resources

To ensure that our operations contribute to protecting natural resources, we must ensure that we use renewable resources and make full use of them. Taking care of natural resources also means taking biological diversity into account. We do this by ensuring certification and quality assurance of the supply chain all the way from the forest to the market. Through the documentation work that the certifications require and the reporting of environmental data, we ensure that we can prioritize the work and direct our efforts to the right areas. We want our customers and the wider world to be able to know what they are buying, and what using products and services from Moelven means for the climate and the environment. In addition to optimizing production with regard to efficiency and raw material utilization, residual raw materials and waste must also be sorted and handled in such a way as to facilitate reuse and recycling.

3. Focus on people

Our employees are Moelven's most important resource. We must be an attractive and safe workplace, and ensure that our operations and our products do not harm either people, biological diversity or any ecosystem.

4. Local values

We will create more green jobs. We do this not only by ensuring long-term and green value creation in our own business. We also contribute to the green shift through our contribution to society in the form of paid taxes and fees, and the ripple effects created in local communities by using local subcontractors.