After 900 days of project time and 364 meters of installed saw line – on May 13, Moelven Valåsen's new saw line started its first day of operation. "We have accomplished something fantastic together with our employees and suppliers," says Thomas Haglund, CEO of Moelven Valåsen.

In June 2021, the Moelven Group announced major investment initiatives at Moelven Valåsen's industrial site, including a completely new small log saw line. Monday, 13th May 2024, at 9:00 am, marked an important milestone for the project. When we enter the sawmill at Valåsen at the same time, on the same day, the activity is in full swing. After exactly 900 days of planning, construction, development, and assembly – all while regular saw production continued – it now stands there. The new small log saw line that will make Moelven Valåsen both larger and more efficient.

  • Photo: Moelven

    In this project we have challanged and developed each other.

    Says Thomas Haglund, CEO at Valåsen.

"It has involved a very close collaboration between us as the buyer and our suppliers. Additionally, there are parts of this saw line that have involved both new technology and new ways to plan and produce sawn goods," says Thomas Haglund, CEO of Moelven Valåsen AB.


Approved on the first day of operation

With new technology and a project execution that has brought together both suppliers, subcontractors, and buyers to work together, one can now also attribute a successful 70 percent capacity test to the list of achievements.

Such a test involves the entire line from saw intake, breakdown, and stacking, over 7.5 hours - with the machine manufacturers present - testing to ensure that the saw line and its associated communication and data exchange can sustain a certain level of production. An approved 70% test also means that from that point onwards, there is a takeover of the facility, allowing Moelven to operate the equipment for commercial production.

Commissioning an entire saw line consisting of several new machine systems assembled into a process chain that must interact as a functioning unit is a challenge. Add to that the move towards an even more digitized sawmill with a strong focus on communication and data exchange between the various parts of the saw line to control and optimize the entire process.

Everything has to work smoothly. The more machines are controlled as a process, the more important it is that all data and data communication are accurate.

After completing the test, it was found that the test met the approved level and the saw line performed well on its first day at work.

Photo: Moelven

Watch the film from the first working day of the saw line


Time for Moelven operators to take over

A key success factor for running the new saw line optimally is training and involvement of staff and operators.

“The previous saw line was 50 years old, which meant that the employees were very comfortable with how it worked and how to use it. Now the focus is on working towards the same level of confidence with the new saw line. Additionally, involving the operators early in the process has previously proven to be a success factor,” says Thomas.

One of the operators now behind the controls is Dennis Gustafsson, who has been working at Moelven Valåsen since 1988.

“It's obviously very exciting to be part of this journey. I've worked with the old saw line for 28 years, and this is something completely different. A lot has happened over the years, and the new saw line is state-of-the-art in so many ways, both in terms of technology and safety," says Dennis.