Planed Timber

Planed Timber

All profiles can be machined from Red- or Whitewood. All LP - Fair Spread. Raw material can be 5ths, SF, US-V or US. Mainly sourced from within the Moelven Group. All can be FSC® or PEFC® Certified. All HT 56ᵒC/ 30 min. Direct Trailer Delivery!

Contact information

Katherine Wheeler
Katherine Wheeler Office Manager Moelven U.K. Ltd +44 2089 162 401
Pehr Eriksson
Pehr Eriksson Managing Director Moelven U.K. Ltd +44 7841 492 330
Russ Fletcher
Russ Fletcher Sales Manager Moelven U.K. Ltd +44 1724 710 341
Colin Little
Colin Little Sales and Product Manager Moelven U.K. Ltd +44 7597 794 196
Moelven UK Ltd. Unit 81, Capital Business Center 22 Carlton Road, South Croydon, CR2 OBS SURREY, UK +44(0)20 8916 2401


Use of natural resources - from the forest to the fullest.

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