Never underestimate the power of nature. Wood has an inherent ability to transform houses and apartments into homes. Wooden panels, ceilings and solid wood flooring. Sometimes it takes only a wall or floor to make a big difference. Warmth and life spread throughout the entire house or apartment. Sounding, smelling and feeling as if you have nature at home.

From the forest to the home


Climate-smart building products come from trees

Wood is a renewable and climate-smart material that fits perfectly in both large and small construction projects. Also, the Norwegian and Swedish forests are full of timber. We have decided to build a sustainable future from wood. It begins with responsible forestry and continues all the way to your home.

Wood with a good conscience from Moelven

In 1903, Sweden was first country in the world to implement a forestry act. It reflects the special relationship Scandinavia has with the forest and the ambition of the forest industry to find an economic, ecological and social balance. We love wood and for us it is obvious to use wood products from responsible and sustainable forestry operations.

Through laws, regulations and certification schemes such as FSC and PEFC, we assess and develop the forest in way that will allow future generations to be able to continue to use and enjoy it. We currently have more forest than ever in Norway and Sweden, and it is growing faster than we can harvest it Therefore, both you and I can use Scandinavian wood with a good conscience.

Facts about certification schemes 

The objective of the PEFC certification is to transform the way forests are managed, by developing sustainable production, while at the same time protecting the cultural environment and social and aesthetic values.

The FSC is an independent international member organisation encouraging environmentally-adapted, socially and economically viable use of the world's forests through the FSC certification system.

Better to use

Wood can help solve the climate challenges of the future. Wood is not just a renewable resource, it also actively contributes to a better climate as it binds carbon dioxide. Through photosynthesis, wood and wood products store carbon dioxide and prevent it from escaping into the atmosphere.

The forest captures more carbon dioxide the more it grows. From an environmental perspective, it is therefore better to use the forest and plant new trees than to leave it alone. There are lots of reasons for building with wood.

The obvious choice

The Swedish construction industry is responsible for about the same level of carbon dioxide emissions as the country's car traffic. One way to substantially reduce the emissions is to build more from wood. Apart from the fact that wood binds carbon dioxide, there are many other benefits.

For example, with wood products, less energy is required for manufacturing, transportation, assembly and operation. The climate impact during the construction process for a wooden building is half that of a similar building made from concrete.

The wood can also be recycled if the building needs to be demolished or taken down. There is also research that shows that we humans thrive better in a wooden environment, as the air is better and we experience less stress. All this makes wood the obvious choice for both large and small construction projects.

Use and enjoy the forest

How are we going to build and live in the future? It is a question we ask ourselves every day. Through cooperation within the Moelven Group, we can safeguard the entire value chain, from responsible forestry and secure timber stocks, to climate-smart construction and finished, healthy and comfortable homes.

We are building a sustainable future from wood. For the sake of the environment and those who will use and enjoy the forest in the future.