Designing interiors with system walls from Moelven Modus is the best environmental choice. You will be working with a building system that is environmentally approved and built on circular economy principles, where the components are designed to be able to be taken apart and reassembled in a new design, thereby reducing the burden on our shared environment.

Circular economy

The Modus method builds on the values of a circular economy. Even the production is as environmentally friendly as possible. All components are approved or certified by the industry's leading players.

When the business changes, the design of the room can be changed without having to add new materials. Walls from Moelven Modus can be moved and reused – it is one of the requirements of the Modus range. When you rebuild, you do not need to tear down the walls. Instead, take the walls apart and put them back up where you want them — and the way you want them.

A circular economy is a system that is designed to recycle products, components and materials and keep them in the system with a value that is as high as possible. In a circular economy, business benefits go hand in hand with resource efficiency, through circular material flows and innovative business models. A circular economy restores ecosystems and keeps them flexible. In a circular economy, only renewable energy is used.


All components are approved or certified for:


Norwegian Green Building Council