Sawn timber for production of glulam

We produce glulam lamellas for the quality conscious and demanding Scandinavian glulam industry as well as for export - among others to Germany, France and Japan.

Our log harvesting area allows us to offer a very good sawn timber for the gluelam industry -  with an average lenght of more than 4.5 meters. 

The lamellas are Dynagrade machine stress rated to the classes LS 15 and LS 22, and are in addition sorted visually to ensure the aesthetic quality.

At customers request we can offer lamellas with knot-free ends, therby facilitating the fingerjointing in the glulam factory.

Moisture content is normally 12% +/- 2%.

We can also supply most of the different structural/ strength classes according to the European Standard EN 388, for instance C 18, C 24, C 30, LT 20, LT 30 etc.


50 x 100/ 125/ 150/ 175/ 200 mm


Relevant sawmills


Sawn timber for production of glulam
Photo: Mikael Svensson


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