FSC® is an international NGO working for responsible forestry practices. FSC issues certificates to the forestry stakeholders meeting the defined criteria for responsible operational practices. Our industries are part of the environmental forestry chain; sawn goods can be traced and identified all the way from the forest to the finished products in the DIY or merchant stores.

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Logo licenses in our MultiSites

MultiSite Moelven Virke FSC-C113012
MultitSite Moelven Wood FSC-C115128


Understanding and application of Moelven's Code of Conduct


Moelven must act in a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible manner.

Our Code of Conduct provides the basic principles for our personal conduct and business practices and constitutes the framework to ensure that we act in compliance with relevant legislation, internal guidelines and our basic values – that the group shall be reliable, sustainable and see opportunities.

A good and reliable reputation is decisive for our business activities and must ensure credibility towards our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, and that we are an attractive employer.

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