KD56ºC 30min - phytosanitary certificate (FAO/ IPPC/ ISPM 15)

Standard for all our sawmills - The heat treatment of minimum 56 degrees at the heart of the timber, for 30 minutes,  guarantees that no bugs, worms et al can survive this treatment.
The norm is also that such timbers should be free from bark (DB = debarked). The agricultural authorities in Sweden  - “Jordbruksverket” and in Norway - “Mattilsynet” administer the certification schemes and issues Approval of Kilns and use of  KD56ºC 30min logo with identity number.

Norway - List of approved sawmills for timber products

Sweden - List of approved sawmills for timber products

HT - ISPM 15

Mills without their own kilns uses routine for HT - ISPM 15. The agricultural authorities in Sweden  - “Jordbruksverket” and in Norway - “Mattilsynet” issues Approval of ISPM 15 marking.

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CE-EN 14081

CE marked construction products require certified product control. Guaranteeing that UE specific regulations are met.

Treteknisk (The Norwegian Institute of Wood technology), and SP Tr├Ątek, the Swedish equivalent, are the certification bodies in Norway and Sweden respectively. Yearly controlling audits are mandatory for the producers, ensuring neutral supervision.

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Concerning EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), Regulation (EU) No 995/2010

EUTR is a common European regulation with the purpose of hindering illegal logging.
All companies placing wood products for the first time on the EU/ EEA (European Economic Area) market are comprised by the regulation, whether the companies are situated within or outside the EU, and must be able to document that their products do not derive from illegal logging.