CE-EN 14915

CE marking of solid wood panelling and cladding is based on the harmonised standard NS-EN 14915 “Solid wood panelling and cladding - Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking” Requirements for CE marking

Requirements for certification
NS-EN 14915 states that in order to CE mark solid wood panelling and cladding, conformity with system 4 must be documented. This entails no certification, but the company has to establish an internal production control system and perform an initial type testing.

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CE-EN 14915- Brannhemmet heltre (415 kB)

Vägledande dokument för lagring, hantering, montering, efterbehandling och underhåll för aktuellt träslag och brandimpregnering.

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Document from the manufacturer describing the properties and intended use of a construction product.