Colin Little is Moelven's new sales manager for construction planed wood products - I'm so happy to have joined the Moelven family, everyone has been so kind. This is an important project for the group & I look forward to playing my part in ensuring it is a success, says Colin.

Colin is well known in the industry and has been a Moelven customer for many years.

"With the investment of 300 million SEK for a new saw line at Moelven Valåsen and associated planer, we are able to offer a wider range of construction planed timber to the UK market. Colins' expertise from the industry is essential and we are delighted to have him on board to help us develop this product area for Moelven UK. Colin will also promote our groups plywood and laminated goods in the UK market." says MD of Moelven UK, Pehr Eriksson.  

The sales team will consist of Russ Fletcher, who has worked at Moelven for 16 years, Colin Little and Pehr Eriksson.  

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    Discover Pehr's journey

    Dive into the world of timber with Pehr Eriksson, MD of Moelven UK, a third-generation woodworker. From a sawmill in Vesterbotten to expanding Moelven's impact in the UK, Pehr is on a mission to match raw materials to customers' needs.

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Strengthening the backoffice team in Moelven UK  

"Our aim is to work proactively with our customers who order wood products from Moelven," says office manager Katherine Wheeler.  
To meet increased sales and new logistics, the backoffice team at Moelven UK has also been strengthened.

"We follow up our customers faster and work proactively with follow-up after sales and logistics," says Katherine.

When you contact the backoffice, you get help from Kim Cooper, who has worked in the timber industry for 35 years and Julie Shotton. Julie has worked at Moelven previously and is back to contribute to a good experience for our customers.

Trainee Jessica Anna Maria Wigren have joined the team to learn about the UK timber industry and contribute with increased digitalization at the office.  

Meet the team behind Moelven UK:

  • Meet our strengthened Moelven UK team

    Moelven's ambition is to challenge the largest timber suppliers in the UK.  Customers will therefore meet a strengthened sales- and admin team. Please continue clicking to read more about each individual in the Moelven UK team.

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    Pehr Eriksson - Managing Director

    Pehr is the driving force behind Moelven UK's sales function. With a wealth of experience, he maintains strong relationships with the UK customer base and maximises sales opportunities.

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    Russ Fletcher - Sales Manager

    Russ continues to nurture strong customer relationships and stays abreast of market dynamics. Russ also identifies new business opportunities and seeks to build relationships with new customers. Through his expertise and commitment, Russ plays a key role in elevating the company's position.

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    Colin Little - Product & Sales Manager

    Colin excels with his experience and knowledge of the industry and wood product dynamics which will complement the existing sales. His central role contributes greatly to Moelven UK's success in the construction industry.

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    Katherine Wheeler - Office Manager

    Katherine ensures operational efficiency and strives for continuous improvement in customer service and administration at Moelven UK. As Office Manager, she has a varied role, encompassing HR, people management, and accounts. Katherine's adept organizational skills drive success.

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    Julie Shotton - Customer Service Administration and Accountant

    Julie manages back-office tasks with a primary focus on customer service and sales administrative duties. In addition, Julie also manages the accounts, including customer payments and bill management. Her extensive industry experience adds valuable strength to the team.

  • Photo: Sébastien Gatto

    Kim Cooper - Customer Service Administration

    Kim manages back-office tasks with a primary focus on customer service and sales administrative duties. She is the go-to for contract management, tracking shipping and resolving customer queries. Her extensive industry experience adds valuable strength to the team.

  • Photo: Sebastien Gatto

    Jessica Wigren - Trainee

    Jessica is a trainee and have joined the team to deepen her knowledge of the British timber industry. She contributes to enhanced office digitalization, encompassing sales administration and project management in marketing and web content.

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