Moelven ByggModul AS has received an order from the contractor Malthus AS to deliver 750 fully furnished modules worth NOK 120 million to a construction site in connection with the building of a new nickel factory in New Foundland, Canada.

The order amounting to 120 million kroner represents 40% of Moelven ByggModul AS’ budget in 2010, and is one of Moelven’s largest single deliveries ever.

Director Hans Erik Stadshaug is pleased to finally be able to call back to work the 54 employees who were laid off during the recent rough period for the company with few new orders.

- Production will start up full-scale right after Easter. It will be a hectic period now for all of the 210 employees, and 54 of the operators who had been laid off will now be able to resume work full time. A number of external operators will have to be hired in as well. In recent meetings with the management, the employees were informed that there might be a need to ask people to work overtime and on holidays. The meeting ended with the employees applauding the news, says Stadshaug.

The modules will be used at a camp housing 1000 men being built at one of the new nickel factories covering a square kilometer in Saint John, New Foundland. The modules will be manufactured and supplied fully furnished with bathrooms and toilets.

- The first 446 modules will leave the factory at Moelv in May-June and be installed in Canada in July. Engineers at Moelv have been working on the project for some months now. The modules will be transported on three boats at three-week intervals between May and June. The largest boat will transport as many as 170 modules in the same vessel, says Stadshaug.

Moelven’s delivery involves the manufacture and supply of ready-packaged modules by car at Moelv. Malthus AS is responsible for transport and installation at the construction site in Canada.

Together with Malthus AS, Moelven Byggmodul AS has been working on the delivery for more than a year.

For more details:

Hans Erik Stadshaug, cell phone: 907 44 750