n the annual report for 2015, you will find news, results and summarizations of the previous year. In addition, you’ll get a look at how Moelven are positioned to meet the future.

Europe and specially the Nordic region are facing a substantial population growth over the next years, and the housing deficit are growing annually. 

In Norway, the housing deficit have reached 10 000 houses per year. -Oslo alone has a housing deficit exciding 4000 every year.

The numbers are higher in Sweden. Within the next 10 years, there will be a need for next to 700 000 new houses, according to a survey conducted by the Swedish Boverket.

To get enough houses in the near future, we need to build effective, reasonable and green. Moelven are positioned to meet these challenges.

You can find our annual report here

Video: Moelven – positioned to meet the future